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Why choose us?

1)We have more than 10years of researching,developing, manufacturing  and exporting high quality rock drilling equipments and penumatic
tools to the global market.

2)High quality compatible with Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand etc...
3)Unbeatable price
4)Excellent service.
5.Which port do you shipping from?
We usually ship container from Shanghai port.Guangzhou port is 
available too.

6.Can you accept OEM & ODM ?
Yes, both of them are acceptable.
7.What is your minimum order quantity?
Our MOQ are 1pc or 1 complete set, the price may rely on the order 

8.What is your payment term?
We can accept T/T, L/C at sight, West union and in cash.
9.How about the delivery time?
It all depends,generally it takes about one month both in peak and off season.


We have a complete set of after service system.
First,we recommend that they check the problem by themselves
Trouble shooting
Fault 1 Poor or no lubrication, causing increase in wear or scoring 
cause: Oil is not reaching the impact mechanism of the rock drill 
Remedy: Inspect the lubrication, top-up with oil if necessary, or increase luboil dosage 

Fault 2  Impact mechanism does not operate, or works with reduced effect. 
cause :
1. Supply of air turottled or blocked
2.Too large a clearance, between the piston and the external cylinder, or between the piston and the internal, or between the piston and the air distributor.
3.Drill dogged by imparites
4.Piston failure or foot valve failure.
1. Check the air pressure. Check that the air passages up to the rock drill are open.
2. Disassemble the rock drill and inspect the wear, replace worn part.
3. Disassemble the rock drill and wash all internal components
4. Disassemble the rock drill replace the fractured piston or sit up a new bit. 

Fault 3  Lost drill bit and driver chuck 
cause Impact mechanism has operated without right-hand rotation. 
Remedy:Fish up the dropped equipment with a fishing tool. Remember to always use right-hand rotation, both when drilling and when lifting the drill string.
After exclude the above problems,we will send our technique staff to go to the site and helping to analyze the problem.

Quality Guarantee


Warranty conditions for DTH

1.     Free replacement:Premature breakage of external cylinder ,piston,drive chuck etc .
2.     No compensation for following situation :
a.      Piston beakage when external cylinder replaced already and DTH hammer used more than 5000 meters ,or without lubrication.
b.     Piston breakage when working air pressure in excess of 15 bar for 3 inch DTH hammer ,20bar for 4inch DTH hammer,23bar for 5 inch DTH hanner ,25bar for 6 inch DTH hammer ,35bar for 8 inch DTH hammer .
3.     Should the same problem occur for initial hammers out of any bulk order when customer starts using the hammers (i.e.first two hammers prematurely damanged in the same way ),please contact us or your suppliers immediately and stop using the remaining products, we will  provide timely service and settlement (such as replacing the parts).Otherwise ,we will not bear the responsibility .
4.     Procedure: Should the above-mentioned situations take place, please send the damaged parts in time to our technical department .Our reply shall be given in one week in compliance with our service commitment and handling standard .
Distributor or Agent must offer written quality problem report issued by end-user for return shipment of goods .
5.     In case other disputes happen ,please send the remains of hammers to our company ,and we both parties shall solve the issue by friendly negotiation.

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Warranty conditions for Diamond core bits

Our company pays attention to product quality and abides to credit ,and also does the best to provide the quality products and excellent service to customer. To build good after-sales service system, we draw up the quality guarantee according to the industrial standards combining field experience.

Products Problems Settlement
Diamond core bit
1.size.and /or technical parameters(matrix.etc.) are different from the requirements of clients’ purchase order.  
2.Thread can not fit clients’s barrel . Repair or replace
3.Break down a piece from matrix ,and the volume of the piece exceed 2mm *2mm*2mm,and such break is not caused by drilling .  
4.Matrix falling not caused by drilling. Replace or return
5.Grove on matrix caused by manufacturer. Replace or return
6.Drilling speed is obvious slower than congener products caused by manufacturer. Replace ,and each item quantity does not exceed 3 pieces .
7.Bit life is obvious short caused by manufacturer ..
8.Breaking down of matrix ,falling matrix,groove and short bit life caused by operating reasons -drill rod sticking ,premature failure of the bit crown and hole bottom not to be cleaned .  
Be excluded from Quality Guarantee
9.Short bit life or no penetration caused by drilling machine, drilling techniques or parameters ..
10.Properly worn and the matrix is finished ..
11.Thread damaged or distorted due to improper operation ..
12.Steel body cracked in drill . Replace or return
Reaming shell
1.Thread is not correct . Repair or return
2.Steel body cracked in drill .. Replace or return
3.PCD strips falling Replace or return

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We believe in Fair Quality, Fair Price, Fair Trading. With a professional team as backup, we try our utmost to satisfy customers requirements and be your“ Chinese Spare Parts Solution”.

Fair International Trading Co.,Ltd registered in China main land is a subsidiary company to Hong Kong Global Industry Co., We are focusing on providing original spare parts for Chinese Construction Machineries such as XCMG, ZOOMLION, SANY, and engine parts for Dongfeng Cummins, Weichai as well as Yuchai.

With aim at having a long-term, mutual respect, mutual benefit relationship, we already established solid business cooperation with companies in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Ukraine, Spain, Pakistan, South Africa, Russia.

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